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2/9/2021: MNLA e-Newsletter Member Updates
1/11/2021: COVID Vaccine Updates & Summary of Vaccine Schedule Phases
12/2/2020: MNLA e-Newsletter Member Updates
11/16/2020: Member Updates
11/13/2020: Nursery & Greenhouse Update
11/13/2020: Garden Center Members Update
10/6/2020: MNLA e-Newsletter Member Updates
8/7/2020: Nursery & Greenhouse Update
8/4/2020: Member Updates
7/17/2020: Member Updates
6/5/2020: Update on Registered Pesticide Applicator Training
6/3/2020: MNLA e-Newsletter Member Updates
5/28/2020: Member Updates
5/15/2020: Member Updates
4/30/2020: Member Updates
4/24/2020: Member Updates
4/24/2020: Back to Work Update
4/18/2020: Member Updates
4/17/2020: MNLA Press Release
4/16/2020: Member Updates
4/14/2020: MNLA Press Release
4/13/2020: Member Updates
4/9/2020: Landscape Members Call to Action
4/8/2020: Retail Garden Center, Grower & Greenhouse Members Call to Action
4/8/2020: Landscape Industry Letter to Lawmakers
4/7/2020: Member Updates
4/3/2020: MI Farm Bureau Essential Workforce Clarifications
4/2/2020: MNLA Members Call to Action
4/2/2020: Letter to Representatives to Governor
3/31/2020: Garden Center Members Update
3/31/2020: AmericanHort/MNLA Garden Center Members Letter to Governor
3/30/2020: Member Updates
3/26/2020: Member Updates
3/23/2020: MNLA e-Newsletter Coronavirus Updates
3/19/2020: MNLA e-Newsletter Coronavirus Updates