As the voice of Michigan’s Green Industry, the Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association is the lead organization shaping public policy and regulatory policy to benefit and protect Michigan’s Green Industry. Through professional staff, the MNLA Board of Directors and Legislative Committee, professional lobby firms, and our national partnerships, MNLA works hard to protect your interests before Legislators and Regulators at our State Capitol and in Washington, D.C. 

We have a seat on and/or serve on many State and National Boards and Committees to ensure a balanced blend of industry and natural interests, serve as a conduit for communication between industry and other interests, provide education and information about our industry to consumers, the Michigan Legislature, Congress, State and National Agencies and work to maintain a sound, science-based voice as it pertains to issues affecting our industry.

For questions or more information on MNLA’s Advocacy efforts please contact Amy Upton at either (517) 381-0437 or Email Amy Upton.

Capitol Bldg, Lansing, MI

October 26, 2023:

The MNLA Legislative Committee has been holding monthly meetings to protect your interests on the legislative and regulatory fronts. Here are updates on legislative and regulatory issues that are impacting our industry. 

I. Paid Leave – Legislation has been introduced to create a one-size-fits-all state administered paid leave insurance program. This program will require employers to provide 15 weeks of paid leave to their employees and will be financed through a new payroll tax on employers! MNLA is opposed to this costly, restrictive mandate and has joined a coalition of business organizations, led by the MI Chamber of Commerce, to fight these efforts. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

II. Local Employment Laws – Aptly named the MI Employment Uncertainty Acts, legislation has been introduced that would grant Michigan’s 1,800-plus local units of government permission to enact their own complex web of rules and regulations governing private employers’ relations with their employees. This goes directly against one of our legislative priorities and we are opposed and have joined the coalition of business organizations, led by the MI Chamber o of Commerce, to fight this effort. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

III. Green Industry Town Hall Meetings – We’ve teamed up with our Regional Chapter Organizations to hold Town Hall Meetings in the Districts with members interacting directly with Legislators. The format for the Green Industry Town Hall Meetings is to provide each participating Legislator with time to introduce themselves, then have an open forum for our members to interact directly with the Legislators. To date, we’ve held two events; one with the Saginaw Valley Nursery & Landscape Association – thank you Kluck Nursery, Inc. for hosting – and another with the Northern Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association – thank you Vidosh North LLC for hosting! At both events the Legislators heard directly from industry our concerns with current legislation and the need for new legislation to fix our unemployment issue. Coming directly from industry the message was effective and both events were a success! The next events that are scheduled are with the Capital Area Landscape & Nurseryman's Association on November 30th and with the West Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association on December 4th.

IV. MDARD Inspection Fee Increases for 2024 – Based on an increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Fiscal Year 2023, the Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development (the Commission) has approved increases to fees charged for nursery stock, Christmas tree, export, import, and other inspections…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

V. BEWARE! Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Scam – From MNLA’s Accounting Firm, Yeo & Yeo – IRS Halts Employee Retention Credit Processing – The IRS is increasingly alarmed about small business owners being scammed by unscrupulous actors, and the growing evidence of questionable ERC claims pouring in. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

VI. Balsam Woolly Adelgid – The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) verified the detection of invasive Balsam Woolly Adelgid (BWA) in Oceana County. The U.S. Department of Agriculture confirmed a sample taken from the site as positive for BWA, making Oceana County the third county in Michigan to have a confirmed infestation. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.  And, CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BWA QUARANTINE.