Study Manuals

The Certification Committee has developed detailed Study Manuals to assist you in preparing for the CGIP Exam. Although using these Study Manuals is not required, the Exam questions are based on their corresponding Study Manual. It is highly recommended to use the Study Manuals to prepare for the Exam. Every manual comes complete with review questions at the end of each chapter, which can serve as a benchmark to help you determine when you’re ready to take the Exam.

As an added benefit, and because the manuals have been written by University Professors and Industry Experts, each manual is full of useful information that will serve as a reference tool even after you pass the Exam.

What is the Core Manual?
The Core Manual has been developed to cover the basic art and science that all professionals in the Green Industry should know. Topics that are covered by this specialty include:

•    Plant Growth and Development
•    Plant Nomenclature and Identification
•    Soil Fundamentals
•    Water Management
•    Plant Nutrients
•    Plant Pests and Diseases
•    Weeds and Weed Control
•    Landscape Design
•    Native Plants
•    The Green Industry and the Invasive Plant Issue in Michigan
•    Sustainability and the Green Industry
•    Successful Sales Strategies and Customer Relations
•    Industry Laws and Regulations
•    American Standard for Nursery Stock

Access to the Quizlet CGIP Study Platform, which is intended to assist with the Plant ID section of the CGIP Exam, is included with the purchase of this manual.  Quizlet may be accessed from a computer, phone, or tablet, and contains pictures of evergreen, shade and ornamental trees, evergreen and deciduous shrubs, vines and groundcovers, herbaceous perennials, annuals, bulbs, ornamental grasses, ferns and aquatic plants.

What is a Specialty Manual?
There are five (5) Specialties within the CGIP program. Each specialty contains information that is relevant to that segment of the Green Industry. Because you must pass both the Core and one (1) Specialty Exam in order to be certified, it is recommended to purchase and study from both the Core Manual and a Specialty Manual.

How Much Do Manuals Cost? (Pricing includes tax.)
CGIP Core Manual + 1 Specialty Manual:
$74.20 for MNLA Members
$127.20 for Non-Members*

Additional Specialty Manuals:
$37.10 each for MNLA Members
$63.60 each for Non-Members*

How Do I Order Study Manuals?
Fill out the online Study Manual Order Form. Please allow a minimum of one (1) week for delivery.