Our members have spoken!

We are pleased to present the Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association’s 2023-2024 Legislative Priorities. These priorities directly reflect the issues and opportunities facing our member firms—the firms that comprise Michigan’s vibrant Green Industry. Michigan’s Green Industry plays a vital role in our world. We are the planners, caretakers, nurturers, and technicians who maintain and create the healthy environment we all enjoy. We are family-owned businesses that vary in size and in segments and we are reliant on the weather. When you add that to business rules and regulations it creates unique challenges for each of our member firms.

As the statewide Association that represents Michigan’s Green Industry, our mission is that we are united to advocate professionalism, integrity and growth for Michigan’s Green Industry. We are proud that we are able to address our industry’s unique challenges through the flourishing partnerships we’ve established with state and national organizations, state and federal regulatory agencies, and with the nation’s first land grant university—Michigan State University.

Our members have spoken and we look forward to working with you on the issues and opportunities that our Green Industry businesses face to find solutions that will strengthen our vibrant industry.

2023-2024 Legislative Priorities