Unemployment  - Our #1 Legislative Priority

       Currently one of the requirements of receiving unemployment insurance is that each of our employees must “register for work and conduct and report a weekly work search to be eligible for unemployment benefits”.  This requirement has proven extremely detrimental to our industry as we are losing our temporarily laid off skilled, trained, and educated professionals during the months that weather precludes us from working full-time.

       Due to this onerous requirement, it has led to a loss of our workforce, for our regular season and during our winter snow and ice removal season, which has impeded growth of our businesses by up to 30% and has caused some of our businesses to close their doors.

       We are working to extend the current Registration and Seeking Work Waiver from a 45-day to a 120-day waiver for employees that are temporarily laid off and have a weather dependent return-to-work date.


Skilled Labor Shortage – this is the #1 issue for Michigan’s Green Industry. We have made substantial investments in our efforts to find solutions to this issue. These efforts include our:

  •         Youth Green Industry Career Initiative
  •         FFA Student Certification Program
  •         Green Industry Wage & Benefit Survey. CLICK HERE to request a survey.
  •         Partnership with the MI Agriscience Educators and High School Guidance Counselors
  •         Partnership with the MSU Student Horticulture Association  

Immigration Reform and Labor – support the efforts of our national partners to provide an authorized workforce for industry, employer accountability, and support a worker visa system.
EPA Worker Protection Standard – support the efforts of our national partners to review implementation, support training and make the regulation amenable to the nursery industry.

Competition from State owned or non-profit entities

MNLA has a formal policy on competition that was created, adopted, and amended in 2012 by the MNLA Board of Directors.

   Competition Policy: The Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association, on behalf of our members, is opposed to non-profit and not-for-profit organizations providing and/or selling products or services that are especially ongoing in direct competition with unsubsidized, for-profit businesses.


       We support a sustainable approach and program for the recycling of our nursery, greenhouse, and landscape plastics.

Taxes and Budget

       We are supportive of the continued funding for MSU AgBioResearch, Project GREEEN, MSU Extension, and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Pesticide & Plant Pest Management Division.

Transportation and Infrastructure

       Road Funding – We understand Michigan’s roads are in dire need of repair and that additional funding is needed to do this.  We remain committed to finding solutions but cannot support exorbitant fuel tax increases that will negatively impact our industry. 


        EPA Waters of the United States Rule – We continue to work with our State and National partners to amend this overreaching regulation.