Governor Proclaims September 2023 Snow Professionals Appreciation Month


On behalf of MNLA’s Snowplowing/Landscape Management Segment Community, it is with pleasure that I share with you that Michigan’s Governor has approved and has proclaimed September 2023 as Snow Professionals Appreciation Month! The full Proclamation is attached for your use, but here is an excerpt:

Whereas, Michigan’s Snow and Ice Management Industry has a significant economic impact on the state's economy and provides crucial services during the winter months including all aspects of snow removal (plowing, shoveling, deicing, and salting) and relocation as well as providing snow and ice removal equipment, materials, and supplies; and,

Whereas, it is estimated that Michigan’s Snow and Ice Management Industry generates several hundred million dollars annually and employs thousands of professionals including drivers, equipment operators, shovel crews, mechanics, manufacturers, suppliers, and administrative staff; and,

Whereas, when there is snow, sleet, ice, and freezing temperatures, Michigan's Snow and Ice Management Professionals jump into action. They endure long hours, often at night, in some of the worst weather conditions.

Whereas, Michigan’s Snow and Ice Management Professionals provide vitally important services to keep hospitals, schools, municipalities, governmental agencies, commercial properties, distribution sites, retail, and residential properties protected by providing Michigan residents safe passage and access to critical care and services all winter long; and,

We partnered on this proclamation with the County Road Association of Michigan, the Michigan Municipal League, the Michigan Department of Transportation, the Snowfighters Institute, the national Snow & Ice Management Association and the Accredited Snow Contractor’s Association.

The MNLA salutes our esteemed members that constitute the Professionals in Michigan’s Snow and Ice Management Industry and thank you for your serviceyou are heroes that sacrifice yourself to keep our communities and our residents safe.