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To keep this momentum going, all of our Segment Councils will be meeting at the end of this month to discuss issues and opportunities and to set strategic goals within each. These councils include Landscape Design/Build, Snowplowing/Landscape Management, Irrigation, Grower, Retail, Supplier, and Gen NEXT. If you’d like to get more involved, participating in these councils is a great first step. Contact me today to learn more and to get started.

A new highly virulent race of Puccinia graminis, Ug99, which was discovered in East Africa in 1999, has spread to other parts of Africa and to wheat growing regions in the Middle East and Central Asia.  According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the unique thing about Ug99 is the broad spectrum of virulence it exhibits as not only has it defeated the Sr31 resistance gene, a widely used gene that has been effective in wheat for over 30 years, but also most of the resistance genes of wheat origin and other key genes like Sr38 from related species.  Since its

The MNLA Industry Awards Program is intended to increase the awareness of quality landscape design and its role in the improvement of the environment. Through this program, outstanding landscapers, designers, installers, and owners are recognized and honored.

Apply for the MNLA Industry Awards by downloading the PDF below.

Deadline for Entries is NOVEMBER 1st of each year.


The Michigan Certified Landscape Designer specialty has been developed for Green Industry professionals who use landscape designs to provide creative solutions for the outdoor needs of their clients. Topics that are covered by this specialty include:

The Michigan Certified Landscape Contractor specialty has been developed for Green Industry professionals who install and build landscapes. Topics that are covered by this specialty include:

The Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association Industry Award Program recognizes and honors those in the green industry who have demonstrated excellence, professionalism and responsible environmental standards in the areas of Residential and Commercial Design/Build, Installation and Management, and Special Projects. 

The MNLA Industry Award Program aims to:

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