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Michigan’s Green Industry – Continuing to GROW!

About the Industry
With a combined economic impact of $5.715 billion, Michigan’s nursery, perennial plant production, Christmas tree, sod producers, landscaping and lawn care industries continue to grow!

* We are the 4th largest Nursery State in the Nation!

*#1 specialty crop in Michigan
*Landscape services and Retail Sectors = $4.5 billion economic impact
*Together, all segments of the Green Industry account for a total of 36,162 individuals employed (Knudson & Peterson, 2012). According to US Census Data, this equates to 1 out of every 170 Michigan citizens between the ages of 18-65.

About Us

As passed in the Michigan Legislature last December, “Beginning January 1, 2012… a person shall not apply to turf a fertilizer labeled as containing the plant nutrient available phosphate (P2O5).”

While the outcome was not entirely ideal for the Green Industry, MNLA worked diligently to secure key changes that lessened the negative effects.

We have commitments from partnering organizations and are working on introducing changes that will improve this Act for the Green Industry. CLICK HERE to see the language of Public Act 299 (PDF)


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