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Certification of Nursery Stock – Now and in the Future

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 Certification of nursery stock for intrastate, interstate, and international shipping has become increasingly challenging both for industry and for regulatory agencies, due to higher shipping volumes, increasing regulated pest pressure, tougher shipping requirements, and dwindling resources. The National Plant Board (NPB), an organization of state plant regulatory agencies, is working collaboratively with the green industry to develop a Systems Approach to Nursery/Greenhouse Stock Certification (SANC) to provide alternatives to existing certification requirements.
 SANC incorporates an audit-based systems approach concept into plant production and certification to reduce pest risk and distribution while facilitating and expediting the movement of nursery and greenhouse plants. SANC is about identifying critical control points (CCPs) in a production system and implementing best management practices (BMPs) to address the most impactful CCPs in order to decrease the likelihood of shipping pests or diseases. SANC is a voluntary alternative that may be used to augment or substitute the traditional (inspection-based) method of certification within a state certification program. The SANC approach is flexible enough to address the unique variations in plant production facilities in all regions of the country.

SANC offers direct value to the producer:
Ease the time crunch during shipping season
Save money with:
• Reduced shipping inspection and certification costs
• Reduced pest pressures and pest control costs
Use a more effective approach to identifying and managing pest risk
Grow healthier plants
Build a better pest management system
Gain a better understanding of state certification and import requirements
Improve customer satisfaction

Michigan State University in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association is conducting a workshop to:
• Educate nursery producers in Michigan and around the region on SANC;
• Assist producers in developing manuals that will include: staff management and training;
phytosanitary management systems; and pest management plans.

Participating in this workshop will help a small nursery produce healthier plants and provide compliance verification for a nursery or greenhouse shipping regulated articles out of state.

The one day workshop is scheduled for September 12, 2017 at the office of the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association in Okemos, Michigan.  More detailed information about the program will be advertised in the near future.  This program will be valuable to anyone producing and selling nursery stock and will offer Pesticide Certification Credits. If you have any questions about the workshop/program, please contact Bob Schutzki at 517-420-4041 or through email at schutzki@msu.edu.